Faith Podcasts:

1.     Life Church: Craig Groeschel

2.     NorthPoint: Andy Stanley

3.     Bridgetown Church: John Mark Comer

4.     Village Church: Matt Chandler

5.     Menlo Church: John Ortberg

6.     The Summit Church: JD Grear

7.     Timothy Keller

8.     Unbelievable: Justin Brierly

9.     Socrates in the City: Eric Mextaxas

10.  Language of God: BioLogos

Business & Leadership Podcasts:

1.     How I Built This with Guy Raz

2.     Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

3.     Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast

4.     The Tim Ferriss Show

5.     Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu: AMA episodes are the best

6.     Masters of Scale: Reid Hoffman

7.     Freakonomics

8.     Naval Podcast

9.     The Kevin Rose Show

10.  Venture Stories with Erik Torenberg

11.  The Knowledge Project with Shane Parrish

12.  North Star with David Perrell

13.  Podcast Notes Playlist

Top Podcast Episodes:

1.     How to Get Rich: Every Episode: Naval Podcast #38

2.     Ted Work Life Adam Grant: The Problem with Allstars (Butler Basketball)

3.     How I Built This: 5 Hour Energy, Airbnb, 1800 Junk, Warby Parker, Tom’s Shoes, Wikipedia

4.     LifeChurch Craig Groeschel: Words to Live By:Personal Declarations, Dangerous Prayers, Overcoming Apathy, What Would Jesus Undo, Habits

5.     James MacDonald: Raising Kids God’s Way

6.     North Point Church Andy Stanley: Family Matters, Guardrails, 5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith, Do For One, The One Thing, The Knowing Doing Gap, Choosing to Cheat, What makes you happy

7.     The Village Church Matt Chandler: Motivations for Obedience, Man’s Purpose, A Healthy Disciple

8.     The Bible Project: Friend of Sinners

9.     Donald Miller at Willow Creek on 3-7-10 on Story

10.  Andy Stanley Leadership: 6 questions every leader should ask, Creating a Culture of Improvement

11.  The Knowledge Project: Naval Ravikant episode , Ray Dalio, Jim Collins, Adam Robinson, Scott Adams, Mike Maples

12.  Tim Ferriss: Seth Godin, Derek Sivers, Chris Sacca, Scott Adams, Marc Andreesen, Eric Weinstein, Jim Collins, Jocko Willink, Reid Hoffman, Safi Bahcall, Tim Urban, Patrick Collison, #301 Joe Gebbia Founder Airbnb

13.  Craig Groeschel Leadership: #38 Chris Voss Never Split the Difference, #49 Best Year of Leadership II, #55 Art of Energy Mgt.

14.  Tim Keller: The Hard Sayings of Jesus: Matthew 7:21-23

15.  Art of Charm #326: Alex Kouts Negotiating Your Salary

16.  Masters of Scale Reid Hoffman: The 10 Commandments of Startups, Netflix, Barry Diller, Reid Hoffman story, Uber CEO Pirates to Navy, Ray Dalio

17.  Impact Theory Tom Bilyeu: David Goggins, Ryan Holiday, Seth Godin, AMA episode: How to Find a Mentor

18.  Invest Like the Best: Tim Urban, Keith Rabois, Peter Attia, Josh Wolfe, Bill Gurley

19.  Freakonomics: Grit Angela Duckworth, Tim Ferriss

20.  The Kevin Rose Show: #17 Hacking Money Chris Hutchins: best credit cards for points

21.  Joe Rogan: #1080 & #1212 David Goggins, 1108 Peter Attia, Matthew Walker, 1309 Naval Ravikant,

22.  Rich Roll Podcast: John McAvoy, David Goggins

23.  The James Altucher Show: #467 Gabriel Weinberg on Mental Models

24.  Modern Wisdom: #069 George MacGill @george_mack, #95 George MacGill Mental Models 102

25.  Building a Story Brand with Donald Miller: episode 159 Keith Cunningham, 138 Chris Voss, 128 Jay Baer

26.  North Star Podcast with David Perell: Josh Wolfe, Keith Rabois, Shane Parrish, Daniel Gross, Ryan Holiday

27.  Conversations with Tyler Cowan: Sam Altman, Mark Zuckerberg, Malcolm Gladwell

28.  Venture Stories with Eric Torenberg: Keith Rabois, Daniel Gross, Naval Ravikant, Tyler Cowan

29.  Socrates in the City: Francis Collins, John Lennox, Peter Thiel

30.  Language of God: John Ortberg, Science Mike

31.  The Drive with Peter Attia: #56 Jocko Willink, #49 Matthew Walker, #90 Ryan Holiday

32. The Bill Simmons Podcast: Chris Sacca