Maturity in the Lord is a prerequisite to maturity in marriage.

Every husband is in a position of inescapable leadership.  If he attempts to abdicate in some way, he may, through his rebellion, lead poorly.

One of the central difficulties we face in our culture today is the general “wimping out” of the Christian men.  Men have abdicated their God-given strength, leadership, and authority.

The Bible teaches that a minimalistic approach to doctrine should be an embarrassment for older Christians.  The question is not, “How little can I know and still get to heaven?”  The question for husbands is, “Given my time, resources, and abilities, how much can I learn, and how much can I teach my wife and children?”

To compare a woman with others, whether silently or aloud, whether with words or actions, is always destructive.  And the more comparisons are made, the less contentment is possible.

We should recognize that when a husband says nothing, he is approving and leading by default.  A man cannot cease being the head of the home.  He can do it badly or well, but he cannot escape from the responsibility God has placed upon him.

One area which seems small to modern men is the practice of courtesy to women.

There is no such thing as invisible honor or respect.  A husband cannot say, “All my behavior notwithstanding, I still honor my wife, even though I never show it.”  Husbands must honor their wives.

By his words and actions, he should constantly praise and honor her in public.  Proverbs 31:28

Marriage problems are overwhelmingly problems with sin—lack of conformity to the word of God in our thoughts, words and actions.

That there is sexual relationship at the center of the home should be obvious to all who live there—hugs, kisses, and romantic attention.

A husband is not to mistake the love for his wife that God requires of him with the counterfeit “niceness” that abdicates his responsibility for leadership.